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Update Your Site Content To Get The Best Place In Google

Posted at December 7, 2017 10:52 by nikibarato in Blogging

Update Your Site Content To Get The Best Place In GoogleThe most basic and most frequently asked questions by new site owners are how essential and whether they should do Old Page Optimization To Be Page one? Given that the competition in the search engines increasingly tighter day plus more number of new site sites appear then it must be done. Maybe you who are reading this article also ask the same thing, Then then complete your question what, how and what kind of optimization should be done and whether the design is too influential?

In the world of SEO, the design does not take a role in search engine competition. The design of a site will work when the site is visited; The most important thing is just to keep the look to stay neat for visitors. The plan is not an SEO structural, but a policy course that you should make your visitors feel comfortable. So, the intended discussion is something directly related to the search engine. Not a view.

But the look of a site does not mean it should not be left alone. Although its existence is not a part of SEO optimization efforts, it remains the most crucial part of a site. The search engine does not look for the look but how well the site is under the template data structure. So the most appropriate understanding is a well-improved template and then it is said to be a search engine optimization effort rather than a design fix, but the design is also essential.

Then Why Design Should Be Preferred?

Because User Experience Becomes Part Of Google Ranking Factors And that’s important. The ranking factor is Ux factor. Your users feel comfortable then, of course, your visitors will linger, and this is tightly interconnected with the growing ranking of your website slowly. If the design of your site can make visitors feel comfortable, then you’ve managed to do the first step to be able to understand the importance of a site.

But remember, that is not a design that can introduce your site to search engines, but what the content of the site is content. Google is consistent and has stated that content is king and every time a Google algorithm is developed the most important thing in improving its algorithm is the user experience. Google wants us as the site owner to ensure that users say that the site has something very valuable. That the site does have a quality of useful content and course original.

That’s why many site owners then refine old articles and then make sure they’re genuine, and they’re valuable, and we recommend that search engines crawl and give you a definite value.

Perhaps you will often ask how often and how long to update the old content and what it should be written. The answer is just that you should make the content more new something that is right for many people. Especially when there is something on your site that the time has passed and it should be eliminated.

Then How to Update Site Content To Get The Best Position In Google?

Before making any further changes to the content within your site, you first locate which pages are driving more traffic and which are not. That way you can decide which pages to maintain or remove entirely or maybe make a few changes. It’s easy just to pay attention to blog traffic analytic then you can know the next step.

If you already know what those pages are then the Next step is to follow some strategies that you should do to produce quality content that is actively relevant and more important for content from your site to rank well on Google.

1) Main Title
The title is one of the essential elements of a blog post. The title is also significant in all types of content that is on the blog. Whether it is the subject of email or video, the title of the article or subheadings such as additional text links on the sidebar. The title will determine whether you will be able to get reader intrigue on a cyber card user audience Continue Reading.

2) Pillar Content
Did you know that of the 100 articles you create and content on your blog should have at least ten pillar content as the foundation that will strengthen your blog? What does it mean? The content should you associate with each other 1/10 so that interconnected and will eventually become a dominant keyword for your blog. Read More.

3) Optimize Images
Optimize image posting to be more SEO. Use the image in the post and then the image would be so that the value of Seo quality5) Keyword
Placing keywords in one container is not merely you write down and then bring the keyword closer to some other introductory sentences. There are so many keyword placements that should be appropriately used for the article to be page one. Although not easy but the name of the business if done in earnest will work.

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