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Seo Blogger Sequence, Learning The Best Ways To Get Higher Blog Ratings Easily

Posted at December 7, 2017 10:03 by nikibarato in Blogging

Learning The Best Ways To Get Higher Blog Ratings EasilyHow To Get Higher Blog Ratings Easily? This time I will share with you the actual SEO sequence specifically for a blogger who wants his blog to appear top on the first page of Google because of the excellent rating. And here there will be a bit of a hassle having to learn one by one and then do the practice. This should be. You should immediately practice so when you’ve tried what we share this time and no results then you can try other people’s tutorials. But just believe that this is how to make a blog into a top rank, you will smile broadly after seeing the results later.

So one thing is very profitable because you will easily understand what you should do starting from the bottom SEO to the final stage, ranging from low to high. And just believe you will like this! You may have started to learn SEO by studying the standardistas interesting content, and how to seek quality backlinks but your strategy does not work out? That is not enough.

Your blog to date has not gotten the best Google ranking when you’ve been here looking for SEO tutorials and practice it from the easy even the hard, but still no change? Try another effort And find out what the reason is. For one reason only. Seo you do not sort of good.

Seo Sequence

What I will share this time is not just to know how the actual sequence of blogger SEO but also will shape you to make a good blog foundation so that later wrestle the world of blogging and SEO was easy.
And the following insights were blogging and SEO that you can develop.

1) Getting Started New Blog
This is the first step. The very first SEO sequence you should do is to complete your blog before it launches and start strategy from every existing page. Begin to achieve the foundation especially the page section about us because that’s where you begin to be known humans and search engines.

Please read the Insights Preparation before Launching a New Blog. Then after that know Seo Technical For New Blog. Continue again by knowing How To Select Keywords That Are Suitable For New Blogs.

2) Strategy Seo Mapping
Seo mapping is the entrance for visitors and a high signal that tells search engine robots what keywords your blog has.
How is the strategy? The strategy is Every page in your website is maximized for one page that can be profitable overall. But this is not on the page of your post/article.

But introductory pages like about us, disclaimer and other pages, This means optimizing the keywords on every static page in one blog so that the keyword will be more leverage. Please enrich your insights SEO mapping technique

3) Pillar Content
Pillar content is the primary foundation of blogs. This content has the number of words in 1 article as many as 2500 and above.
Pillar content is the mainstay content that is supported by some articles later on this content will be even better if you pass some links to the article that sustains earlier.But making the pillar content is not just to create articles and then publish.

The effort that you have to do is formed from several strategies. Starting from head to tail. Starting from heading and ending.

As you should learn when creating the contents of the pillars as follows

  • Start learning how to optimize the article title
  • Learn Lsi keyword insights because this is important as your weapon mentions keywords
  • Learn how to spread keywords, placement errors, and Use of Improper Keywords in Blog Posts
  • Optimize each article by knowing how to optimize images
  • Learn about the use of heading tags
  • Strategize each page with internal links
  • Know that external links can make your articles more potent than others
  • Recognize how ethical search descriptions are

4) Blogwalking
Blogwalking is a way in which fellow bloggers can know your blog. With blog walking, we can also introduce how the value of articles that we make. But do you believe that blog walking is the initial step to build author authority? And the more you blog was walking then you will get better and faster results.

Do you believe that until this blog is formed, I do more visiting, commenting on people’s blogs rather than publishing the latest articles? But blog walking also has ethics so that you can later be branded as a good blog author and if you are wrong then it will be at your own risk. Read The Blogwalking Techniques That Are Wrong And Do not Do

5) Forget Backlink And Just Focus On Original Content And Useful For Many
The backlink can come by itself and will be valuable because it is referenced by others without being asked. Remember, Google is not currently the google.
Google has a mission. Google’s mission is to continuously provide quality search results to its users. And Google was willing that he could be stamped as the world’s best search engine. Let everyone choose to use google as their search tool. So, for any website owner who can provide quality content then, of course, Google will like. Not just that. If people already like the opportunity to get quality backlinks will also be wide open.

So do not focus on backlinks. Do not want to lose energy and victim feelings for not getting significant results but focus first on quality content. Create articles that can enrich google with the latest information and if it can publish what others have never published such as articles you’ve read this.

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