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How To Easily Increase The Organic Visitors To Your Blog

Posted at December 7, 2017 10:36 by nikibarato in Blogging

How To Easily Increase The Organic Visitors To Your BlogHow To Easily Increase The Organic Visitors To Your Blog? Right now you should be asking how does “how to easily increase organic visitors quickly”? Even you do not miss to type this sentence into google “reproduce blog visitors with software” because you want instant and do not want to bother because you do not understand about SEO.

Do not say no, I can know exactly you came here because of looking for solutions to address the visitor a bit because your blog visitors are not crowded, and you want your blog visitors can booming is not it? Therefore you need SEO as your weapon so you can increase your blog visitors. This is one proof that SEO it is mandatory you apply to your website that in this case, I managed to bring you to this. That’s one strategy.

But two states can make you here. Since you are organic visitor search engine or, you are a loyal my blog visitor

But no matter, whether organic or nonorganic is still counted as a visitor. Optimizing website pages is the only way. Want that your page often appears in google engine searcher, and then can be found easily. Therefore you need to know SEO. You need to understand and start learning SEO. Unless you do not need visitors coming from search engines, you can do by starting to make a strategy for your content to social media that is sharing or advertising your content.

But not a recommendation, because organic visitors are more profitable than direct social media.

Doing it is easy. With any simple method can increase your blog traffic drastically. Unfortunately, any kind of method, as simple as it may be, still requires a work ethic. That is, there are no business results. And this is all you have to do, is to enforce work ethic for your blog using simple way.

How To Easily Increase The Organic Visitors To Your Blog?

This time we discuss how to shorten it. Elderly to the main point only. I was looking for what more sought after. Logically like this, if a topic is explored after it means a tremendous opportunity to get a lot of visitors. For example like this. Used when the splash of ransomware malware wants to cry indeed searching for that information there are many, is not it? And indeed when an article can be in the top position will greatly benefit by the blog owner.

I think you agree …

Well, the problem is when pursuing a specific target keyword is going to face a lot of competition because it is not just you who are blogger status, not only you who need the best position search engine. Therefore, to compete and be able to occupy the top position then you should further optimize your website.

But this time we do not discuss Tips Compete With Top Blog Board To Be Easy To Know Many People but we are looking for something viral and try it so that our articles can occupy the top position. So in essence, that something that viral there is a lot, not just 1 or 2 only, not something viral in a week then forgotten even some trending topics apply for several months. And this is what you will learn now. Where later you will realize that to create content that can bring many visitors do not have ikut2an create the material similar to those that do not work out. And following the method of getting visitors that many versions.

1) Google Trends
Google trend is a facility provided by Google directly where its search engine users can instantly know what keywords most searched people at a particular time. On google trends, you can easily know anything as long as it increases its search. So you as a blog owner can take advantage of tools provided by googling it, you will easily know by searching google trends info world 2017. This became one of the secrets of the Adsense publisher where they continue to develop their blog traffic by taking the opportunity to find what trending topics in organic at this time.

How to use Google Trends

The trick is easy, following the short guide; Now Go to Google Trends Indonesia, On the Search Box enter the word two syllables that your target. For example, i use the keyword (Hair Loss) and the result like this, see picture below: In the photo above illustration looks some search queries about hair loss rose sharply drastically. That means that these keywords appear most frequently in google. Now we will use it as our target to get organic visitors. You probably already know that it is increasing and much sought after then you want to use keywords that 3-4 syllables are not it? You are wrong ! you should do research again, and this is what usually confuses some bloggers out there. Already using google trends but visitors have not increased.

2) Keyword Research
Why do keyword research? No other and no less so you can use a keyword with medium competition because if you want to use directly what is on google trends when it becomes difficult because it is used, people. What we’re going to do is find the right keyword for each related keyword Later on with what’s gone up on google trends it can also be yours. Well, Now we do keyword research. You can use google adword or free like wordze.

Keyword Research Using Wordze
Do not have a wordze account yet? The free list used here. If it is please go there and start doing research. Quick guide adjusts to the image below:

In the example image above I choose one of the keywords that again trends then I do research again for these keywords .., View Results of keyword research using wordze as shown below:

3) Modify Keyword
The next step is to modify the keyword. How to create a list for the keywords that have become the choice before, copy and paste into notepad and start combining some syllables to create one longtail keyword which we will use as the title of our article later.

It appears that the keywords that have been in the modifying is ready for us to use as the main title along with subtitle for heading tag h2 for our keyword choice is stronger later. and now go into the article creation phase

4) Making Articles
At this stage, you have entered the article creation stage. There are some provisions that you should apply when creating articles that completeness, such as images and some other attributes, Will be guided at the end of the article later. Now the most important is to process the results of keywords in the notepad earlier by stringing the keyword until it becomes a collection of sentences are good to read.
Watch the short video below.

[embedded content] In the above video it is only a brief illustration that the keyword already researched should be developed as such (Only guidance). You can be creative in their way. For good results to be away from the influence of density keywords should one keyword in place on one short paragraph only. If the length uses two pieces.
Well, here you are not finished. There is still much you need to do the primarily complete article. To that end, to dive the tutorial increase this visitor, please learn the completeness of Seo Learning article.

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