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4 Ways to Make Batik Business Success Go Online in 2018

Posted at December 6, 2017 6:23 by nikibarato in Businnes Tips

4 Ways to Make Batik Business Success Go Online in 20184 Ways to Make Batik Business Success Go Online – Batik business 2018 is no longer a new type of business. Since ancient times the ancestors of Indonesia have many prosperous for preserving the culture of this nation. Moreover, after batik is designated as world heritage by UNESCO, this unique dress of the archipelago incised a new color in the world of international batik. To the extent that batik Indonesian currently has been studied at the university with its department.

So much the value of batik for the world, the fabric one has a very high selling potential. Moreover, almost all of Indonesia’s designers have started to make a mix of batik cloth with modern fashion style according to the times. So that batik is never considered ancient and only suitable for parents when invited only. Especially Solo batik cloth and batik cloth Yogyakarta style and the color has been impressed thick traditional nuance.

First-hand batik suppliers usually come from the famous batik-producing regions. As in the city of batik Pekalongan and batik Surakarta or Solo. Both towns are attracting batik cloth resellers to continue to pump the spirit of marketing. Not to mention the increasingly popular online business. Today cheap batik dropship is also newcomers in the online business world. Everything is lived because of great opportunities as well as a natural way. Here is how to raise the chance of online business success of batik that you need to pay attention.

4 Ways to Make Batik Business Success Go Online in 2018

1. Understanding the Market Mechanism
There is a new businessman who is still in the reseller stage of batik solo not understand the market mechanism in online business. The prospective consumer is very easy to make the price through price semar, price appeal, appeal price, or index finger. Then you should pay attention to the target market target price.
Do not take all kinds of batik for all circles. Surely you will eventually have trouble creating an image in the online world. Although only a batik danar reseller hadi, but you have to determine the price appropriate for batik products. For example batiknya type of teenage girls clothes, so do not sell it for men’s shirts are commonly used, fathers. Especially if batiknya do not have a fixed customer network. Implement a low price first as the creator of the connection. Only after many people prove the quality of batik is different from the others, you can fix the price of fun.

2. Link With Social Media
Still a classic way. Connecting websites selling with social media and social chat that has been made. For example facebook fan page pages, google plus circles, and BBM groups. Use this method to establish intimacy among consumers, update the latest info, build a non-business communication that then impacts on customer loyalty to become your batik customers.

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3. Service
Everywhere new companies will try to provide the most optimal service. Starting from how to respond to the question idly until the packaging of products to be sold. You just need to learn how to provide a good service according to business standards only. In this case, there are no neko-neko tips for your batik tasted crowds.

4. Take From Supplier
Usually, people who pioneered a business would need a lot of capital. You have two choices. Get started now with a modest money or work to other people first to raise the business capital of self-employment.
Business batik online or offline, both still need the original goods. A batik cloth cannot be made in one night via the computer because this is not a digital product. So you will need significant capital to pay the canting or cap to the goods courier. Instead of spending the time to an undetermined limit, you can immediately start doing batik business by the reseller of batik cloth or become drop shipper.

Work principle
The principle works with other goods. It’s just like that has been alluded to in the beginning, for this online batik business you can immediately take to the cities producing batik. Take it from the first-hand manufacturers to get the lowest price. Make sure your batik quality. So you will be lucky if sell it cheaply because the customer will come back again in the next order.

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