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3 Ways Blog Walking to Increase Click Ads On Your Site

Posted at December 6, 2017 7:35 by nikibarato in Blogging

3 Ways Blogwalking to increase Click Ads On Your Site3 Ways Blogwalking to increase Click Ads And Getting backlinks. Blogging activity now becomes more than just a hobby. If used to be a blog used as a channel of voice or opinion only, now a blogger is a promising profession. There are many ways to make money from the maintenance of a blog, one of which is to become an AdSense publisher. Google Adsense is one of the Google giant services company to the business owners in the world who want to expand its network through the internet media. Later Google Adsense will bridge the owners of this fund with Adsense publisher is none other than the owners of big blogs around the world. But to get there, a blog must have a good visitor traffic every day because the amount of money that flows in the dashboard Adsense account depends on this.

The bloggers who have or have not received an AdSense publisher always vying to enliven their blog. Starting from the way of placing banner ads, blog services, content and quality articles, to recognize the importance of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO have all been tried.

But unfortunately not all good fortune to approach those blogs.

There are times when we have done the above ways but visitor traffic per day is still stagnant. Certainly, as a true blogger soul that is not easily satisfied and never give up, we are always curious in other ways.

There are also cases where the blog has been very crowded visitors but who do click on ads just a little. If for this case it is more irritating than the previous case. Then how to make the visitors who come not only read our articles but also help us generate dollars ?.

One way is to do blog walking. Do not believe? Notice how blog walking follows.

1. Goodwill
Before doing blog walking, first set the intention at heart. Do not focus solely on earning, also focus on the learning process and improve our blog.
When surfing to someone else’s blog, decide what you will do. Will you leave a trail by asking, criticizing, advising or spamming on someone else’s blog?

Everything has the potential to attract attention, that’s important Influence blog comments and SEO

It’s good that your good intentions are manifested in the form of criticism or suggestions in the comments field.

Before becoming a great writer must have been a diligent reader.

Well, you can hold this expression in the first process.

Read the article on someone else’s blog for suggestions and criticism.

If curious blog owner he will open your blog and this is the addition of click opportunity on the ad.

2. Open ID
It’s not all blogs allow open ID when commenting.
But that’s no big deal. As long as your comments are useful, other interested owners or visitors will surely visit your blog. If the blog you are visiting allows open ID, then comment with open ID.

This will make your blog URL embedded into the blog and backlinks can be granted without being asked. So that your blog SEO will be stronger.

3. Select Blog
You do not have to always leave a trail on the leading blogs. It’s just that when we put the best comments on the big blog, then we are equal to open the opportunity to increase visitors to our blog.
This will automatically increase the chances of people clicking on ads. So, prioritize blog walking to blogs that have been trusted by many people and provide interesting comments in the article.

For optional, you do not always have to do blog walking on blogs one-page occupants. There are still many blogs with quality content on the third page and so on.

The good news, those who are not on page one is usually quickly responding to comments and without being asked to visit back to our blog. Mission Success.

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