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2 Ways to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Posted at December 6, 2017 7:14 by nikibarato in Blogging

2 Ways to Increase Google Adsense Revenue, Maximize Blog IncomeHow to to Increase Google Adsense Revenue? This time we will share a little way to increase revenue and maximize google Adsense earnings from blogs and youtube, and the post is slightly different from what has been described blog other blogs because here you are required super extra effort and certainly learn as well as possible. But just calm down, who is trying then he who will reap the rewards and vice versa, if silent, do not hope to grow and earn. So before continuing this reading, you have to stick to google motto “No Work No Eating” Ok, sip ?! Steady….

To increase Google Adsense earnings, there are two ways that can be taken and can be done without capital though. among others; Rely on traffic by targeting specific keywords and Breeding many blogs

Both of these ways also have two plus and minus when executed, for example, if breeding many blogs then you should be more consistent to keep updating the blogs to remain in the blog as a life and although the traffic is not much but has the potential to many ad clicks. Different also if the traffic a lot then to be able to earn through that then you are at least required to have a little experience regarding optimizing your blog SEO, but both ways are the same result, keep earning.

How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Well, here I want to share it correctly with the publisher Adsense blog content. Not youtubers. And I’m sure once you apply the way that I share this later you can get a monthly salary, monthly salary from Adsense.
So look carefully …

1) Increase Traffic And Use Keyword Specific
Why is there a language “using certain keywords”? Here’s the answer:

In the picture looks pretty big CPC advertising value for the keyword Bisnis Online.So the AdSense publisher is then using these keywords so that when a person comes to our blog with keywords that we have targeted and then click on our ads it is certainly certain earnings that will we get very big for the value of one-click ad.1 Appeal 20 with the contents of the post that is not in targeted with the targeted keyword nya.Jadi in this case, targeting keywords can increase income.But, despite getting the keyword each in the value click expensively is easy., easy to do, just with the help of online tools search big CPC then we can already know what the keywords of this advert, unfortunately, to apply it into our blog that’s hard. Why ? because the position of a keyword that can be in the top position is to be paid mahal.Tempat easily found that organic visitors will be rewarded mahal.Jadi does not be surprised if you get the value CPC just tens of cent.It menAndakan that when the ads in your blog is clicked on the click by visitors who come with other keywords, not the keywords you are targeting. So, in this case, you should be able to see SEO so that every keyword you target can get the best position in google.Tidak need to worry. In this blog is very complete if you want to learn SEO. And SEO techniques that are suitable to apply this strategy is to make 1 article title many keywords. Meaning, Many keywords targeted our chances also there are many do not run monotonous. Here the results of the click value of this blog keyword And the results are different for other keywords. ..

2) Breeding Many Blogs
The second way takes the principle of an angler and gambling player. “Plenty can load a lot.”
Create many blogs then the opportunity to click ads will also be a lot. Of course, if many who click our income is also more and more. And this strategy is suitably applied to bloggers who want to increase his AdSense income but do not understand SEO.

Easy to do, no need to worry about how seo steps should be implemented.

Unfortunately, this way takes extra power work. You are required to create many blogs. 5 to 10 blogs is not enough. It should be 50-100 even up to 500 blogs.

Not using TLD domain is okay. Subdomains can also number of blogs there are many.

But if you want to enjoy a lot of money from google adsense then you should apply the above.

Create lots of blogs. breeding blogs like animal animals.

When a child cannot produce, as adults will produce.

And when it’s happened then the purse of the dollar will flow continuously even while you are sleeping.

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But remember to make blogs not the same, go a lot but different nice. A different theme of discussion.

So How to solve the article update on many blogs?
Neil Patel is a world marketer and also an SEO expert
The world has researched search engines. And the result, ideal for posting periodically is 1 article / two weeks. Here you have a chance. Do regular updates 1 article to 1 blog in one day and do it for ten blogs every day.10 blogs multiply 14 days = 140 periodic updates you do.Jika not enough, hiring some people to help you publish the latest posts for every existing blog or any other way such as buying articles to service providers article.Itu second way that you can try to maximize your income. Although it sounds complicated, that’s the form of business. Conclusion The above two ways you can apply. Both have plus pluses as well. Live you just adjust which is suitable for you do.

If cannot do regular updates for many blogs then try so you can understand a little plot of SEO strategy, can learn SEO here, whereas if you type people who do not have much time to learn SEO, then the choice fell to the second way above. I never tried the second way but tipped failed. I can not be consistent to overcome the blog too much. Currently, I only have 30an blogs that I update regularly but I maximize every blog with SEO as far and as best I can.

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