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2 Blogger Basic Settings (Blogspot) Seo And Its Security

Posted at December 6, 2017 7:51 by nikibarato in Blogging

2 Blogger Basic Settings (Blogspot) Seo And Its SecurityChoosing Blogger as a free blog platform is the best choice for us all. I prefer to use blogger platform that bersubdomain blogspot considering the high level of security and blogspot is easiest to use. Until now the blogger platform is still a free platform that is widely used by people, it’s because everything in blogger is indeed very qualified and suitable for all circles. There is another advantage of this blogger is to optimize SEO (Search engine optimization) is very easy to apply and very powerful. In addition to easy to apply for everyone is also very surprising results that can be obtained.

Not only that, but the Display provided also vary. Many templates can be used for free instead of free, and then someone will be challenging to replace template blogspot template but on your blogger will be very easy to do. Live click select and so. Very easy. But to change the model outside on blogspot different again, because some template makers and some people believe that by changing the blog template will be more seo then to change the template outside of the regular blogger we have to make a little effort upload and then maybe so.

Choosing a good blog template and true it is important for the blog owner but there is another thing that is not less important than that, the default setting of bloggers must be optimized.

Not only about seo optimization results will be generated when we set the basic settings blogspot but basic settings blogspot generate good blog performance when we can set it with a better setting. in addition to the dashboard blogger there is also a setting that can help you away from the copter. To be more secure than a copter you can read the guide below.
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We must fix a few things for the blog can develop One of them make basic settings Blogspot to set from SEO base to a good user experience, also on setting description to optimize SEO is also another important thing that is the security of irresponsible parties. All things should be anticipated, Affected jingling for example.

Therefore, in addition to knowing that blogspot became the most widely used blog platform as well as beginners must know the basic settings on the blogger dashboard and this time I will share tipsnya because this is important. sometimes setting on the blogger dashboard is missing so the state of this blog is not maximal so note some of the settings bloggers are important to you.

Here’s Blogspot Basic Settings For SEO And More Safe You Need To Know.

The basic settings in this blogger are not so challenging to note well. The way is equally comfortable when I make an article on How to use blogspot, not co.Id However because the tutorial should make a little effort on the edit template, but this time we learn tips specific tips are done manually to get the maximum results for easy to find machine search on blogger dashboard and the following tips are:

1) Basic Settings
The first step on the blogger dashboard, please click on the basic settings menu as the initial setting. On the menu, there is still some submenu that we can optimize. Including the following :

Title –

To optimize your blog title please use a title that corresponds to what you will discuss. blog niche means. please choose which you really mastered. this needs to be taken into consideration that choosing a niche blog do not be arbitrary. To choose a good niche blog please follow the guide below.
Choosing The Best Niche Blog For The Most Expensive Adsense CPC


The description is intended to explain briefly about the criteria of your blog. The description is usually filled with characters that are approximately 500 characters long. In the description of blogger should be very observed because the keyword to explain your blog is in this session. So, when you want to fill in the description make sure you embed the keywords that represent your blog there.


When you go to this submenu, then there is a note from blogger that says “Registered in Blogger. Accessible search engine.” Please click edit and make sure the setting as shown above. select “yes” for both settings.

Blog Address

This submenu is used to create or change the blog address. On this sub-menu should you be careful, that is, if your blog is old and already known search engine should not be replaced because if you change the URL address of your blog it
just as you start from zero again. In this submenu, you can also do pointing domain. That means changing the address of Blogspot into Domain TLD. Https In this option the connection to go to your blog will be encrypted if you enable the https feature.

Unfortunately, some bloggers do not use it because according to some sources if using https blog address to be not flexy. I think the options for this type you can activate can not, personally do not enable this feature.

2) Post Comments and Sharing

In this menu you have presented some settings that are sharing and sharing. This custom setting to set the type of incoming comments from multiple user accounts. In the settings you can apply can follow the tips below Location comments- select Embed if you want comments to appear in every article of your blog, Who can comment on – pick a registered user or user with google account, is the best choice.Moderation comment- moderation so that when there is a comment spam can be removed immediately without publishing it first. For other settings let by default. Well according to me 2 basic settings that alone is enough to make your blog standardized but not maximized. Since we just review the basic settings and the basic SEO SEO basics, then the next effort you should do is learn more familiar SEO main SEO ON-PAGE And also OFF-PAGE is hunting backlinks.

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